Hot food in Helsinki? You got it. Gringos Locos. Thumbs up!

Gringos Locos is quite new mexican restaurant in Helsinki, which prides itself on serving also the hottest burger in town and using really hot chili sauces in some of their foods.

We visited the restaurant few days ago, and definitely need to go back some other day – just to test some of the more hotter stuff, as this time we only checked out the atmosphere and other items on the menu.

As an appetizer we took traditional finger food: chicken wings with ”Texas Pete”-sauce. As the other person in our company is not so fond with hot foods, we had to take sauce only as ’medium’ level – even though I would have wanted to sample hotter ones too. Truth to be said, even the medium sauce was quite hot and worked pretty well with chicken wings.

With grease all over our fingers it was time to try to main course, which this time was cheese chicken and potatoes.

Even though it was such a simple dish, it was really good. Really tender meat and absolutely delicious potatoes made either on pan or in the oven with oil and herbs. Note to self, have to try to do them also at home.

Before we finished, I also made a request to our waiter if I could sample their chili sauces to get some kind of reading on what levels of taste to expect the next time if I go there with friends who are keen on trying hot foods. Their sauces were categorized to three categories and I requested to sample the two lower categories.

… and boy were these sauces good. I dipped potato to the category two sauce and lights lit in my eyes, it was just so good. Yes it was hot, but in a good way. Also the hotness lasted for long and improved in time, which was just absolutely brilliant. Totally loved it, and will go on to try their hotter dishes any day soon.

Thumbs up also on their nicely decorated toilet:

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