Burn baby burn! Grilled food at home!

Take some coal / briquettes, barbecue grill and some food. Invite friends over and enjoy great food with good wine.

Sounds like a plan.

As we live in an area where we don’t have own garden, having a barbecue has not been such a normal option for us – compared to those who live in their own houses and have large Lucifer grills sitting outside. To celebrate summer we decided few days ago not to mind about it and arranged a small get together and had a really small barbecue on our building’s yard. As we got over the fact that we are cooking and eating in the plain sight of all our neighbors, we had a blast.

We purchased the cheapest grill we could find, and for 10 euros we got a quite decent small grill – which we eventually donated to our housing company, so that anyone can use it on the yard.

With a little help of table cloth and flowers we had a really nice looking setting outside – and it was also aesthetically pleasant to do cooking there.

To the grill we put the usual suspects. Chicken, vegetables and mushrooms filled with blue cheese and wrapped in bacon. As a sidedish we prepared couscous and vegetable salad.

Waiting for the grill to get ready can be a drag, especially if you are hungry.

But eventually everyone was happy, when the food was ready.

To drink we had some champagne as appetizer, Como Sur organic white wine and Jakob’s Creek sparkling wine with the dessert.

And the dessert?

Grilled banana and B&J icecream.

Delicious. And simple.

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