It is summer, it is pollen time

I like that it is getting warmer and sunnier, but at the same time I hate the annual pollen time – especially when air is filled with birch pollen, which makes my eyes itch and nose run.

You can never know beforehand whether you will react strongly or not to pollen particles in the air, but it is guaranteed that whenever you eventually react – the feeling is horrible.

There seems to be correlation between outdoor sports activity and strength of allergic reactions I have. For past few weeks I’ve been running again quite a lot, which has meant I also inhale lot’s of air. Besides occasional bad air filled with particles from the traffic there hasn’t been any problems or complaints, except now. Air is now filled with birch pollen and next in line is alder season, both of which are my favorites.

I cross my fingers and wish for quick rain showers every day to keep the air clean!

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