The world we live in – even South Park gets censored

It took me this long to watch South Park’s controversial episode named 201, which was totally destroyed by Comedy Central’s censors bleeping out dialogue and censoring depictions of prophet Muhammed. It is beyond any words to see something like this happen, when we have grown used to see creators of South Park ridicule and rip new one to almost every other subject and taboo in modern society. I heard about the controversy when the episode aired, but couldn’t imagine that situation was so bad and effectively the whole episode was ruined.



Mikael already had interesting ideas that this is an elaborate scam from Stone & Parker to say screw you to Comedy Central and get away from their contractual obligations. If episode ”Crippled Summer” is a sign of episodes to come, season 14 will be the last season.

The only jab in the whole episode was right in the end:

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