Celebrations for the first of May

First of May is traditional workers’ celebration day in Finland, and eve of that is usually filled with all sorts of festivities. Naturally we had friends coming over and had planned interesting things to do for the whole group.

Our festive decorations were not that great, but it really didn’t matter ….

… since we had prepared an awesome snacks to be consumed before evening program..

.. and welcomed our guests with American sparkling wine – Korbel – the same wine which is offered in the White House.

And for comparison we offered rather excellent Cava, Godornie Seleccion Raventos.

Main event for our Mayday eve celebration was rave party at Circus.

[Reiv] club had interesting lineup of djs playing for the whole night, including ATB as the main performer of the night.

I was actually surprised how well Circus worked as a venue for this kind of party… eventhough …

… to be honest ATB’s set sucked for the most parts and much better and much more intense music was played in the second stage.

Every now and then it felt almost like back in 1997. And even though there were some wanna be models and hunks who were more interested in flexing their muscles and/or finding a piece of ass rather than partying and dancing the whole night long it was also fun to see people partying in real old school style, enjoying hard house music.

As we left the club it was no surprise to see this ..

Taxi-queues were few hundred meters everywhere….

Taking that into account it was a real surprise that queue to the bus was nonexistent and in less than 10 minutes we were already on our way to home! Apparently lot’s of people thought that buses would be even more packed, or lived in such areas that night lines did not serve their transportation needs.

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