Samuli Putro at Tavastia and Saturday disco!

Tavastia is The Rock club in Helsinki, and in Finland.

This saturday we had an extempore visit to Tavastia to see great singer sonwriter Samuli Putro to perform to his fans. Showtime was 21.30, and I noticed the gig from Tavastia website at 21.10. In fifteen minutes we were already in mtero going to Kamppi and eventually missed only ten or so minutes from the start of the gig.

Samuli and the band was in great shape, and new material was just magnificent stuff.. making people dance and sing along. And smile…

After the gig started traditional Saturday disco, which seems to be very popular among younger crowds… even though songs played in the beginning were strictly 80’s synthesizer pop.

I’m still not used to the idea of people dancing to pop songs and to dj’s playlists in Tavastia.

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