Easy like sunday afternoon!

This Sunday started with a walk in a sunny weather by the country side.

We only ate a light breakfast as our grand plan was to go to Siltanen to have a brunch with friends. Siltanen is one of those new hip places in Kallio, where dj’s play, cool people hang out and serve beverages and interesting decor is a sight for sore eyes.

Unfortunately queue was up to 20 people ahead of us, which meant that we would have got our food in an hour or even later, so we decided to skip Siltanen this time and head over to city center and eat something else. As we had a city shopper card with us, we decided to check out if any of discounts would be applicable today, and eventually decided to go to Namaskaar restaurant at Mannerheimintie. We chose quantity over quality and ate indian food buffet, which was ok – though nothing spectacular.

The thing that troubles me often with buffet meals at chinese or indian restaurants is that they do not use so much spices with buffet dishes, which naturally leaves taste little bland. But for the price of it it was a rather good choice and had the desired impact: made our hunger vanish.

After leaving Namaskaar we headed to only 24 h open supermarket in Helsinki and bought some snacks to give us additional energy during our tram sightseeing journey through Helsinki. We hopped into 3T tram and behaved like proper tourists looking all the interesting things and sights Helsinki has to offer and opening our mouths in awe!

Helsinki ❤ ❤ ❤ !

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