Namaskaar at Bulevardi and ’Bulevardin kahvisalonki’

We met with people from our deceased Onedidit-company at indian restaurant Namaskaar at Bulevardi. Good food and good company, what could be better.

Burg butter chicken tikka masala was so good that only opportunity to stop eating and take a snapshot was at almost in the end of the dinner.

When they brought in the dish I first thought that is this all, will this take away my hunger – but as I dug deeper into the dish and mixed their extra extra creamy ( … with butter ) sauce to rice and ate few slices of naan bread I had to surrender and say that I am full. Thank you. 19 euros for a decent curry dish is not cheap, but not highway robbery either. Though I am going to try Vindaloo curry paste next week and see whether I can get similar results at home.

For desserts we headed up to the cafeteria in the corner of Mannerheimintie and Bulevardi. Bulevardin kahvisalonki is really cute cafeteria serving their own cakes and pastries.

Chocolate cake and coke. Tea and quiche lorraine ( pie with ham ).


Thumbs up for both.

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