Friends, food and strippers

You know that there will be time when you got no option other than follow your friends to the local strip club…

Tonight we visited our friends who had made a great 4 course dinner for. We provided the drinks for the dinner and in the end we had no other option than follow our friends to a local strip club, as they insisted that it is a good idea to go there.

As we had no other idea of the dinner other than it would be ’italian’ we had brought a wide selection of different wines. One bottle of italian white wine and red wine, German sparkling wine from riesling grapes ( Devil’s rock), our everyday favourite Bernard Massoud sparkling wine from Luxemburg and Louis Massing champagne as comparison.

We had an amazing and entertaining evening, discussing various topics about world politics and humanity – as somehow we started to discuss where to go next. Somehow we ended up to go to Alcatraz, which is local strip club in center of the Helsinki.

We had a blast, really. But prostitutes and strippers – who were trying to make a buck there – did not really like us dancing and having fun there, which was a terrible shame. Every time we tried to step on to the stage to try our luck on poles the DJ announced or yelled that the stage was reserved only for performers.

I still remember how we used to have fun in the same premises as it used to be a heavy metal club Bronx some time ago before the change of the century.

As a strip club Alcatraz was – to be honest – quite boring, having just few not so talented strippers performing on stage and few girls trying to sell their services for the whole night.

I mean … Yeah most of them were ok, but we have seen better and more talented shows for example in Las Vegas, where girls really put an effort in to the performance and not just jiggle themselves out of their lingerie and ask for tip. Couple of girls in Alcatraz showed also some skills on the pole and earned our applauses after their performance, but as a whole the place was definitely something you should not pay for to get in to. Luckily we had free entry passes, so we got to see place for almost free – paying only for drinks we enjoyed there.

In the end while going home by bus, we agreed that we really do not need to go to Alcatraz again – and the next time we shall make food and our friends should bring the wine with them.

Helsinki…. we still love you!

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