Tonight I’,m gonna give it you higher – Helsinki Fashion Stock

Today was an interesting evening. First we visited ”Hullut päivät” happening at Stockman, just to see how fashion items were sold to people like sugar to hungry people. I was interested to buy new Tiger of Sweden suit, but those were all sold out so we were destined to go out empty handed. Luckily we were about to visit Helsinki Fashion Stock happening at vanha ylioppilastalo, which proved to be a great success. Satu was the one who wanted to see more, but in the end I was the one to find more interesting things to buy.

As I discussed with some of the merchants it seemed that Helsinki Fashion Stock Sales were some what success as people really came and visited these small booths of companies offering local or imported designs in Helsinki. All the brands you expected to be there were there, but then again you got to see new interesting things you were not acquaintance before. One of those were really interesting makers of jewelery from Lahti, Chao & Eero jewel.

I totally fell in love with their think and talk line of rings and cufflings and will later on make an order of full set of those. For anyone working in internet business they made really funny set of rings and cufflings that are really great topics for discussion and ice breakers if you wear one.

In the end I made purchases from Super Yellow, and Makia. I’ve been a fan for few years on Super Yellow’s hats and scarves, and now I got yber cool white hat and scarf – suitable for spring seasons. From I purchased three cool print t-shirts and from Makia I got two nice logo t-shirts for the summer. Interesting small purchase was also two pins with beautiful prints in them. For 4 euros they were a real bargain, as they were an interesting design items.

All and all I’m really looking forward seeing Helsinki Fashion Stock next time. The happening was really interesting opportunity to see new brands in Helsinki city center and see the makers themselves selling their clothes. It was interesting to see couple of people behind the brands in person, as they noticed that I was already wearing clothes they had designed. I still lusted after shirts by Dusty, but did not feel rich enough to spend one hundred or more euros for those.

But yeah.

Great success.

For everyone.

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