N900 as an ebook reader: thumbs up!

Iäm quite surprised that N900 works quite well as an ebook reader. So far Iäve been reading mostly just PDF based ebooks, as I am fan of buying numerous technical ebooks in PDF format from Packt Publishing and Manning. PDF reader in N900 allows me to read them quite nicely in fullscreen mode and with zoom level 150%, which makes textbooks nicely readable even on such small screen.

I’m yet to test FBReader, which is epub reader – allowing you to read free classics published in epub format.

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  1. Martin sanoo:

    FBReader has some usability problems but otherwise it’s fantastic. Library management sucks so stick to EPUBs where all the metadata is embedded. Gutenberg.org now provides EPUBs too and downloading them directly on the device is super simple. Some tips: the N900 screen is too bright for reading in the dark, so change the white background to gray or amber. Invert the colors to amber-on-black and you can set the margins to zero (because the N900 frame itself is black) and fit more text on the screen. Try the droid serif font as it’s much more readable than the default sans-serif.



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