Apple’s behaviour as a gatekeeper ( part 2 )

Not one of my friends took the bait of commenting my Screw Apple bait, so I’ll have to continue the discussion.

We all know why OS X as platform is so good: there are really good human interaction guidelines and patterns available for the platform, which guide developers to create really intuitive, easy to use and powerful software. It is not the most bang for the buck, but the fact that things work almost seamlessly together and the user experience is great. In the real world analogous would be a hipster nightclub or lounge, where bouncers enforce dresscode and behavior of patrons and group behavior between patrons also enforce and amplify effects of being hip. Sure you pay little more for that same dutch tap beer, but then again you do not need to listen to those testosterone filled jocks pumping their fists in the air and discussing their latest match. This puts lot’s of responsibility to anyone or everyone who tries to be the gatekeeper, as complex human systems are quite unpredictable.

My beef with Apple’s behavior is their unpredictability. Though you can be a happy camper and trust that benevolent dictator will always work in their own best interest, you never really know beforehand what does that exactly mean. Unbeknown to you, you might have already stepped over some imaginary rule and are just waiting for the hammer to fall. Steve Jobs is an amazing communicator, but he doesn’t do it often enough and Apple doesn’t practice open communication and dialogue with the outside world. Which is a shame.

I would be happy if Steve Jobs or underlings would have just said:
”We are defining what the user experience is going to be for an OS that is going to be their focus for a very, very long time. User interactions are being built from the ground up and we want to offer the best possible experience for our users and for the developers. We want to and need to control the evolution of the user experience on our platform as it is key to our and your success.

So in conclusion: Screw you Adobe. But we love you Unity. And we reserve the right to love Adobe again in the future, if it is in our business interests.”

Some interesting comments on this blog posting as well as allegedly responses from Steve Jobs:

Still going to order iMac ”27 some day.

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