Screw Apple?

As already discussed over in numerous blogs, Apple’s latest change in iPhone SDK’s developer agreement is over the top. I’ve tolerated Apple’s walled garden restrictions and limits, when they have provided at the same time real value to users and to the ecosystem, but this small change shows that Apple can be one of those evil companies and flex their muscles against anyone else, if they have a stronghold over their own closed platform. Or does it? Is this a sing of the future?

People have been skeptical and afraid about Apple’s influence on future of computing, especially to free and open software. So have I. I’m terrified about the possibility of personal computing and free software taking steps back towards controlled computing environments, where you will just rent the device and can run only sanctioned software. For some consumer devices like gaming consoles this has been the direction for some time. Gamers have cheered for it as tight control over console environment has guaranteed cheater free environment – at least compared to desktop computers. iPhone is locked down version of mobile personal computing device, iPad is overthrowing laptops for some people and natural fear is that iPhone’s and iPad’s success lures Apple to create similar environment for desktop computers and actually succeed in something in which Microsoft failed.

But still. I do lust after new and shiny 27″ iMac.

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