Helsinki city – parties every night, part 2… Bootie club lands in Helsinki!

Partying seems to be a recurring theme in my postings now, though we do a lot more than just dance. However I do need to blog about this event, as it was such a blast. Yesterday after dinner and wine we almost decided not to go anywhere. It was already half past midnight and the thought of going to see yet another random DJ play mediocre set at Circus or Tiger seemed a dull idea. As I glanced through the listings of what is going on from and (;pvm=4.4.2010;aika=paiva ) it seemed there really wasn’t anything that special going on. But there was something going on at Jenny Woo, so we headed there – and right before 1 AM entered the club.

Little did I know that the only thing going on yesterday was also an opening of a branch of famous mashup club in Helsinki. Bootie was on tour and we just happened to stumble upon to their gig. I’ve listened to their mashups as mp3s and seen photos from great shows in San Fransisco and now by sheer coincidence and luck we end up partying like it’s 2003 at Bootie club in Jenny Woo.

Club was nicely packed, which meant there was enough people to have hilariously good time and still room to dance.

Besides A+D they had DJ from Berlin playing as well as two local DJs playing mashups in the first bar. DJ Mista had a great set going on.

Though I am not sure whether everyone appreciated the delicate art of creating great mashups, I had a blast. Never before have I heard such a full throttle killer sets filled with world class mashups putting stuff like Beatles Hard day’s night and Iron maiden’s Trooper together – or Lady Gaga’s Telephone and Nirvana.



We love you.

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