Eating out versus great dinner at home

Thanks to shrinking available freetime funds and lack of proper revenue streams we have had to these days focus more attention to making good food and drinking nice wines at home instead of dining out. With very little effort and preparation everyone can create great food at home, hence from time to time it feels stupid to pay for mediocre or just ok food in the city, if you could do the same thing better at home.

Eating out saves time and effort, as creating and making a menu requires time and planning in advance. But with friends that can be great time too, as you also get a good reason to spend a little more time shopping for something special at food sections in the market. In Helsinki we have two really classic and historical markets in the city center which are also interesting experiences to visit as they are situated in cute old buildings and packed with small shops selling fresh groceries around the world with a great service. Besides markets some supermarkets have also great selection and services available, most notable Stockmann’s delicatessen – but I can’t either complain about the quality or availability of good food at our local Prisma supermarket, where they have well operated cheese section as well as good meat and fish section.

But during the week making the effort and taking the time to cook and enjoy great food seems impossible. It usually requires that you invite some friends over and then spend some time together in the kitchen instead of just lounging on the sofa. And what could be more fun than working together for good dinner, enjoying good wine and great company?

Yesterday we had a ridiculously simple menu which was easy to prepare and great to eat.

As a appetizer we had glasses of Fresita, chilled chilean strawberry sparkling wine which tastes good and is great bubbly drink to drink while preparing the food.

Satu made fresh bread, which was also great way to heat up the oven. For food we threw a large fillet of salmon into the oven pan with some cream, salt, pepper and dill. Let it cook for thirty minutes in the oven, while we boiled some potatoes and mashed them up to be served with the fish. As a side dish we created mashup of boiled eggs cut into small pieces and shrimps heated up in whitewine dressing. Add little salad and yo have a good main course. To drink some chardonnay.

As a dessert we prepared simple chocolate cake. Icing would have required coffee in the recipe, but as we didn’t have any coffee ready – we substituted it to spanish orange liquor, and boy did it work well!


With the cake we enjoyed some South-African sparkling wine, Pongracz.

Sweet cake and dry sparkling wine really nicely complemented each other.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    @huima The fact that supermarkets in Finland only sell sushi-grade fish is a major incentive to stay home! If you don’t want the chore of forming the rice balls, serve scattered sushi (i.e. sliced fish on rice).

    You may have to figure out how to make rice without a rice cooker. (When I did that, my Japanese guests were amazed that rice could be cooked on a pot on the stove, because rice cookers are so ubiquitous in Japan).


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