König – two main courses for the price of one

Yesterday we spent few hours enjoying good company and great food at restaurant König, as it was the last opportunity for us to benefit from their campaign – in which they offer two main courses for the price of one if you had a coupon from Helsingin Sanomat newspaper with you. I think I also saw similar coupon in City magazine, but can’t confirm it now – as I don’t have one with me here at home. In any case if you happen to get one, you only have few days left to use it – as it is valid until the end of march before 7 PM.


König is situated nicely on Mikonkatu, so right in the city center and close to great cafeterias and places to see in Helsinki. From the second floor of the restaurant you can see people walking on promenade and see inside to a new chocolateria, which has opened it’s doors right opposite of König. Unfortunately we missed the chocolateria before going into the restaurant and by the time we were finished with dinner, it was already closed. But next time…

As an appetizer we took glasses of Möet Chandon. Other option would have been Freixenet, so choice was easy.

As an starter we had lovely creamy salmon soup seasoned with rye bread…

… bread they server in König is premade in local bakery, and then baked in the oven before serving in the restaurant. Though I am not usually fan of such white bread, bread at König has always been delicious with good crust and great taste, something you usually get only if you bake your bread yourself without any additional preservatives.

Main course was glow-fried whitefish with shrimps, egg and horseradish potatoes, browned butter.

For wine we had Argentinian white wine from Mendoza area made from chardonnay grapes, which was a positive surprise – especially while taking into consideration that it was only 19 euros per bottle in the restaurant.

Before taking a bite I had my doubts on how shrinks, egg and horseradish would mix together, but was positively surprised in the end. Though the food wasn’t something to remember years from now, it was definitely really good dinner and much better than average meals we have had every now and then in other restaurants. Though visits in eateries where you get beer and a burger or salad and wine for two for thirty or forty euros have their place and time, it is such a shame that we haven’t had the discipline to cut those visits to bare minimum and put once a month more effort and money into visits to a better restaurant, where you can eat a delicious three course meal with wine for 70 to 120 euros per person.

This time we skipped desserts at König and instead went to cafe Strindberg close by. As the dessert menu is quite boring at König, this is rather good choice to do – unless you have a large group of people and want to continue to sit down, talk and drink wine at the same restaurant.

Once we got home we opened our latest Iittala purchase and decided to test these great looking champagne / cocktail glasses from Essence series.

We drank little bit of Louis Massing from these glasses…

.. and then champange Blondel which was new acquaintance to us.

Louis Massing has a little bit more milder and softer taste so Blondel had definitely an interesting taste and character in it. So most likely we will buy and drink it again some other day, especially since the price of 27 euros per bottle keeps it in affordable level as a sparkling wine for everyday celebrations.

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