Smodcast – now sponsored by Fleshlight

I’ve been fan of Kevin Smith for a long time and he never stops to amaze me with his humor and style, or lack of it.

If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend that you start subscribing to Kevin’s podcast: Smodcast.

Topics range from A to Z, but you are quite guaranteed to have great time listening to friends and interesting characters to talk about totally random and even mundane things… and make things sound interesting and funny. Things are ( or at least sound like ) very sincere and authentic, which just make Smodcasts and Kevin Smith so much more likable. So far I know so much random nuances and amusements of his life that I feel like I know him better than some of the people I have worked with.

If you can’t find humor and fun in listening to two or more blokes discussing funny and not so funny subjects while laughing to their own jokes, then Smodcast might not be your cup of tea. But then again, if you like it and subscribe to it — you are in a good company.

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