Early morning badmintongame and cancelling my gym subscription

Today I started the day like Sporty Spice and had one hour badminton match at 8.00. As I am such a gentleman, I gave three games to Asmo – who needed the win more.

After an hour of fun it was time to go home, and stop by at our local gym – where we have had our membership subscriptions. Though I frequently do different kinds of sports, I’ve not used gym’s facilities enough to justify the costs any longer. Our gym is quite ok, though lately schedule for group classes has started to look more boring as really good instructors have moved elsewhere and some exercise machines have been waiting for maintenance for weeks. So instead of going to the gym, from now on we will do kettlebell ( girya ) exercises at home and continue doing aerobic training outdoors when weather gets little better.

However canceling my subscription is easier said than done. I have nothing against the customary one month term of notice, but I am pissed that to cancel my subscription I have to schedule an appointment with the club manager. Schedule an appointment to do paperwork or to listen to someone trying to talk you around to continuing your subscription? Whatever the unnecessary reason is, that guarantees that I will not become member in that gym again.

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  1. Mikael Gueck sanoo:

    There is no legal requirement for that. You can just fax your termination notice in, or send it in registered mail, and you’ll have enough proof of notice to dispute the charges if they try to bill you again.


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