Reinstall OS X

Eventually I decided that there was something wrong with my OS X and it would be easier to do complete reinstall rather than try to debug what is wrong with Firefox and what causes the general sluggishness on my system. What surprised me was that in the end it did not take that much time to get my system back up and running with all the necessary software installed and registered. Naturally it helped a lot that I had proper backups of my Macheist application bundles etc. – so installation was straight forward procedure, just downloading newest versions of software that had already been updated few times.


Born again Macbook. Truly born again machine, much more responsive, snappier and lots of free hard drive space. So even though it took a day, it was well worth it.

At the same time though I had to curse at Adobe for making brain dead decisions in their software. Apple has supported already for sometime case sensitive HFS filesystem, but it seems that Creative Suite is still – even in 2010 – unable to work on systems with case sensitive system disk. And naturally I had made the mistake of reformatting my drive first as case sensitive. Thankfully with the help of Carbon Copy Cloner I managed in few hours to transfer everything to an external drive, reboot from it, reformat system drive and use Carbon Copy Cloner again to transfer everything back to newly formatted case insensitive system disk.

I had previously already set my mind on purchasing a new MacBookPro, mut now I can postpone that decision for a year or so.

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