Review: Restaurant Rantakartanontie, new year’s eve menu

I’ve frequented for some time in this eloquent and cozy design restaurant, conveniently located in middle class neighborhood of Puotila in Helsinki. Though Puotila is not well known for it’s restaurants ( except Puotila pizza kebab and famous beer- and whiskey restaurant Pikkulintu ), this newcomer in restaurant scene in definitely worthwhile visit. Unfortunately making a reservation is next to impossible, as it is by invitation only. For this new year’s eve I was fortunate enough to get an invitation and hence this review.

As you enter premises you are immediately greeted with a smile, swanky decor and lounge music – which should get you in the right mood for perfect evening. As you wait for first course mandatory drinks are served, which were on this occasion interesting choice: Austrian sparkling wine Brut Excellent.

Naturally nicely equipped bar was open at the same time, so you could get also ciders, beer or other drinks to keep you entertained, while waiting.

One thing that I have to point out also, is the fact that at this restaurant – dinner has never been just about food. It has always been holistic, full, entertaining experience – including also sights for sore eyes. Visually pleasing table setting and color coordinated decor just add up to positive aesthetic experience.

As dinner started with drinks and appetizer shots, we soon were served with the first course.

Smoked reindeer-cheesesoup and baquette gave no surprises and served as a great starter, giving enough energy to socialize and drink some more, while waiting for the main course.

As we reflected the major events of the past decade, the main course also got some poignant and deeper meanings. Oven baked potatoes are very traditional – even old school – entry in the collections finnish cuisine. However during the public relationship crisis of our beloved prime minister this innocent potato-dish was thrown into limelight and our collective psyche. For almost two years it was impossible anything similar without having awkward thought of prime minister having sex after sauna. But like always, as time passes by people learn to forget.

And so it was. This new year’s eve there was no memories of Matti Vanhanen.

Delicious. We missed you so much.

For the first dessert we had something we have never tried before: fruit salad, ice cream and melted chocolate. Looks interesting, tastes delicious.

Second dessert was cheese, fruit, vegetable and cracker platter…

… with a few glasses of Bernard Massaud.


All and all the experience was great and for the price and convenience this place is definitely on of the top spots in Helsinki. Without any doubts I will frequent here also in the future.

Hopefully during 2010 there are many new opportunities for new people to experience this exclusive restaurant, a true hidden gem inside Helsinki.

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