– listing old job adverts? näyttää hauissa työpaikkoja, joiden haku jo sulkeutunut

We all know and/or it’s local sites. As I have been browsing the market at Finland looking for additional or future interesting projects, I noticed a peculiar feature – which could be a problem either on Monster’s code or on how employers use the system.

When you do searches for jobs, the system seems to show also jobs that have been expired – the the deadline for applications has closed. Though it is not a big deal, it is a little bit annoying and makes you ask why: Why wouldn’t the system have expiration date for advert? Why wouldn’t future employer use that field correctly?

Surely someone thinks that extra visibility is great for any company on a site like

Surely it is better to show 2484 jobs as open, rather than 43 – which actually are.


It is also annoying.

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