Sun – Welcome to the internets and time of multimedia

I really like the work people at Sun Microsystems have done on Java, JEE 6 and on products like Glassfish Application Server. However they seem to drop the ball from time to time, when you start to talk about marketing these products and ideas.

Few days ago Sun organized really great online conference focusing on Java EE 6 and Glassfish. Conference was great, presentations were really good and had valuable information. You would think that at this day and age live presentations could be recorded, converted and put online as on demand presentations or as downloadable in a matter of few minutes. But no.

”The most common questions have been: Will the recordings be available? (yes) How soon (hopefully within a couple of weeks) and How do I get them? (will notify people in the GlassFish registration mailing list, and will post at GlassFish Resources)”

Hopefully within a couple of weeks? Please.

Had I known, I would have recorded the stream myself and put it online.


They are online now.

So it did not take that long after all. Yee!

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