Java EE 6 – Sun virtual conference

I’ve been now listening for few hours online virtual conference about Java EE 6 and technologies around it. Though I already had read some tutorials and specs about what is new in JEE 6, I have to say that these presentations have already teached me quite a few things that I did not know — also about Glassfish. New version of JEE is much more agile and easier to program, taking ques from Guice and Spring Framework – making some of the best practices into standards.

Glassfish and Netbeans have also improved tremendously – giving you a huge value for time invested in them. As a really cool new feature, there is finally a maven plugin for Glassfish – allowing you to deploy to glassfish for container tests – and really good integration with Eclipse and Netbeans allowing tools to deploy new version of software to server on save. Though the feature is not just like JRebel, it is good enough for many users.

Presentations will be available later on as On demand versions. I’ll suggest them for anyone interested to update themselves on new things in enterprise java.

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