Ravintola Koskenranta

Every now and then I have had an idea of writing a review about restaurant Koskenranta, but somehow never really had the energy or motivation to do it. As we have had lunch at Koskenranta and strolled back to the office, I’ve been so satisfied and happy that writing a blog post or review to eat.fi has been the last thing in my mind.

But since Koskenranta is one of those gems in Arabia, I have to write something about it. So why is Koskenranta great place to eat lunch:

  • Food is good
  • Three course lunch is less than 10 euros
  • Location is beautiful

The restaurant is located right next to river Vantaa and while having your lunch you can also watch rapid currents or fishermen spending their time on the banks.

Lunch includes good salad table and bread, soup and the main course. And usually salad and soup would be enough to satisfy your hunger.

But most importantly the food tastes great and has usually a hint of style and more class than regular lunch restaurants. On this occasion lunch was smoked salmon.

Will go again. And again.

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