Computer, play music – Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

While laying in ned few nights ago I thought how crappy our human computer interactions still are and how far it still seems to get to the levels of HCI described in Space Odyssey 2001. Though HAL eventually proved to be nightmarish control freak and almost killed the whole crew – the idea of being able to just use voice commands and slick touchscreens, to have ubiquitous computing’s promise to become a reality.

While we are getting our renovations done and starting finally to put all things in their new places, I’ve come to appreciate minimalism – even though at the moment it is and will be a practical impossibility. Hiding TV and consoles inside the wall, having small speakers high up in the wall or hidden somewhere, no cables or wires anywhere – that would be great, especially if interactions with all machines could be managed with one remote using touch display or with voice.

Wouldn’t it be great, to lay down on your sofa with your loved ones and say: Computer, dim lights 50 percent. Play music, use playlist lounge. Prepare winecabinet, cool down one bottle of cava and one prosecco.

That would be, just perfect.

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