Genelec 6010A <3 Love at first sight

I made the first step into professional audio and purchased a pair of Genelec 6010A-loudspeakers. For those in the know Genelec is manufacturer of studio monitors and loudspeakers fancied by musicians and music technicians. 6010A is their quite new entry level consumer model with a small form factor. Small but fierce is one of their marketing slogans and boy how right it is.

I thought that I would need beefed up amp and 5.1 home theater system to get sound this good. Even though these speakers are small – suitable to be used as computer speakers, they are well capable of being loud speakers for your home theater system or expensive hifi-stereosystem. I was extremely surprised about the quality of the sound and the volume these small active speakers can produce.

If you are in Helsinki and have Stockmann’s department store’s customer loyalty / bonus-card, you can get a pair of these puppies for 398 euros ( 199 euros per piece ).

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