I’m so excited – Nokia N900

I did not think that Nokia could do it, but they have done it. N900 is absolutely great computer and cool phone, and I will want one. Donations accepted.

Had the opportunity to test drive Anna’s phone at Nokia flagship store in Helsinki and became total convert in ten or so minutes. All the problems that I had with the usability of N97 were nonexistent and I did feel almost like at home with the phone. If nothing else it definitely feels like a tool that I could get used to using.

Display was great and playing 3d game or watching video on it was a blast. Keyboard was a little too small for my fingers, but virtual keyboard was good and I could see myself twittering, facebooking or even blogging with it short stories. Battery is changeable, so even if one battery would not last the whole day – one could have an extra battery in briefcase.

Downloading new applications from Maemo select was a snap and … everyting worked well, including browsing youtube ( Flash… it works ),

Will this phone be a instant hit in the market? Can’t say yet as iPhone is such a strong incumbent. Whatever happens though, N900 seems to be a great phone.

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