Sonera:” At last I can switch my cable tv”

Sonera is pushing into cable tv market, which has been dominated in the metropolitan area by Welho. Soviet themed graphics inspire freedom and choice, like they did in the communist era – and we all know what the reality was. What Sonera is against is a cable company which has excelled in customer satisfaction at least in broadband services. They have also done changes and innovations in tv-services and are capable of making swift turns if push comes to shove.

So going against incumbent in good positions and good customer relationships. Unless Sonera is able to make offers customers can’t really refuse, they are up for a big fight. In the past few years Sonera has invested milions of euros into fiber cable network around the city and now they are making aggressive pushes, trying to reach even 10% market share within a year. This is a good thing, for the competition.

Sonera has just included our house in their fiber network, which means that in near future it should be possible to get 100 megabit internet connection as well as cable tv from Sonera. At the same time I bet Welho will be sending their offers to our housing company and suggest that our company would be connected also to welho network. All and all it will mean better offers in price terms for us consumers.

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