Omenapuu – not so bad, actually quite nice for a family restaurant

Omenapuu is old school family restaurant. I thought I would not have any reason to visit Omenapuu in any time soon, but yesterday we were hungry and eateries we preferred were packed, hence we took stairs to the upstairs and entered Omenapuu. To our surprise also Omenapuu was quite full, mostly with middle aged people in small groups – already getting a bit intoxicated as chatter and bursts of laughter from time to time drowned your own thoughts. But in general the restaurant felt quite cozy and comfy and we decided to stay.

To drink we chose bottle of white wine ( VDP Vendanges d´Antan Blanc ), which was on special price just like in König. 19,90 for decent white wine in restaurant is quite good value for money in these prices. Once again as we were just having a normal friday dinner after work, we did not put any effort in choosing anything more special, especially as we were not expecting anything spectacular from the food either.

From the menu we chose two simple dishes which proved to be very good choices though also other dishes that were carried and served in other tables looked like rather pleasant options too. However my observations were a little bit distracted by my hunger, so in that state almost any ready to be digested plate looks good.

Owen potato and salmon. On the menu dish was designed to be served with mushroom sauce, but for this we asked it to be switched into bernaise sauce.

Entrecote and ceasar salad with red wine sauce.

Entrecote was made from a good piece of meat, cut into approx. one centimeter thick steak and fried quite perfectly to medium. Steak was juicy but in 20/20 hindsight I might have enjoyed even more if it had been medium minus, just a little bit more juicier. Combination with ceasar salad was interesting variance to normal selection of potatoes in different forms and kudos for that to the restaurant.

But once again both of these dishes were something that we could have done easily on our own at home with little or no preparations. Great beef can be purchased for 20 euros kilo at the market, ceasar salad can be purchased as ready made ( just mix parmesan and crutons with the salad ), rosamunda potatoes are available in almost any store, salmon filee from the market and good enough wine sauce can be purchased also ready made or done while cooking everything else.

In König I valued the atmosphere of the restaurant, which had a touch of class and you could justify spending more than 60 euros there to yourself. In Omenapuu we spent the same amount of money, but got a little less, even though food was good, service was fine, wine was fine, atmosphere was ok and they even had a pianist playing ever green jingles from Beatles and others.

Dessert menu was plain old boring, so we decided to walk over to cafe Strindberg to get tee and cakes.

So next time for the same price range I will prefer König or even La Famiglia, but most likely will now stop again for some time frequent visits to ’normal’ restaurants and put more effort into visiting less frequently but with much more joy places like Demo, Mecca, Postres and Chez Dominique. I’ve become such an old fart already that I realize the value of money and can taste the difference in good food and great food. Like I said before, 200 euros spent in Mecca can be totally worth it – if it is an experience that you will remember months afterwords.

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