City: Best Pizza in Town? Pizzeria Palmeri

City magazine lists annually best service providers in forty something categories in Helsinki – and traditionally getting the seal of approval has also meant that the service is something exceptionally good. However this time their decision on best pizzeria is definitely arguable.

Pizzeria Palmeri is very non descreptive pizzeria quite close to the Sörnäinen metro station. I’ve visited the establishment on couple occasions, but never have really thought anything special about it. It is a pizzeria just like any other.

Based on the review on City magazine I was practically forced to go back there and see whether the seal of approval is based on any merit at all. On one cold and dark evening I decided to enter Palmeri and see what they had to offer. My selection was kebab pizza ( kebab, salami, cheese and red onions ) and yesterday’s news paper.

Noteworthy on the image, article at the bottom: ” 300 000 euros bill to public healthcare for gastric bypass surgery”

And the pizza? It was decent normal pizza but in no means could I give raving reviews and say that Palmeri would be the best pizza shop in Helsinki. Honestly I have to wonder how drunk those who have voted Palmeri to be the best one have been? Palmeri is not a bad choice for your pizza needs, but for smaller prize or in better atmosphere you can get pizzas in the same neighborhood – depending on your preferences.

So the quest to find the best pizza in Helsinki is still open.

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