Cafe Stringberg FTW!

If restaurant’s dessert menu lets you down there are few good cafes in Helsinki which can cheer you up. One of those places is Cafe Stringberg on Esplanad.

These pictures don’t do justice to the place as it was almost empty with only few customers, but then again going there on friday evening in late hours will give you nice privacy and ability to hold hands and be as sugary or romantic as you want.

Stringberg from the outside

Decor in the cafe is classy and still quite cozy. Earlier during the day now almost empty displays are filled with cakes, sandwiches and other necessities that urban animals need.

In the inside

Our first selection was Almons chocolate cake, which reminded me of Daim-chocolate — which is definitely not a bad thing. But as a fan of Daim it seems than almond + chocolate combination is associated premanently to Marabou Daim.

Almond chocolate cake

Second cake was mango white chocolate cake, which reminded to both of us that Leena made as good or even better tasting cakes.

Mango chocolate cake

Cakes. You can’t go wrong with cakes.

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