Stake weeks at restaurant König

I’ve always liked König. It is pleasant restaurant situated in the heart of the city and service has been excellent. For fifty some euros you can eat a decent three course meal in good looking setting and even impress your dates with your smooth chit chat with always so pleasant waiters and waitresses. And even though König has just renewed their menus, we knew what we were going to eat even before we entered the restaurant. We were on a mission to eat red meat and drink red wine.

Our entourage chose their targets well and between four of us three chose to enjoy 200 grams of entrecote where as one of us decided to be a lone cowboy and choose chateaubriad.

Though I might have preferred to drink a little more stronger tasting wine, we opted to drink few bottles of moderately priced french red wine ( VDP Vendanges d´Antan Rouge ). In this economic climate it would have been too much to invest more than 40 euros per bottle to good wines in restaurant, especially since the markup in wines is horribly high in restaurants. For example nice sparkling wine from Luxemburg which costs 12 euros in Alko, is sold for 35 euros in restaurant. However at the same time markup in champagnes is much smaller, Lanson Brut Blacklabel is 40 eros in Alko and 50 – 60 euros in restaurant.

But back to the main issue: food.

Everyone seemed to like their dishes and I was really satisfied with my entrecote, which was served with potato wedges, bacon, beans and ajovis-hollandaise sauce. Even though it has been ages since the last time I ate a stake I hadn’t lost the lust for good piece of medium fried stake. 200 grams of beef was sufficiently large portion for each of us to make sure that we weren’t hungry any more, but also has some room for desserts.

Contestants for the best dessert were:

White chocolate and Swiss chocolate ice creams.

Creme caramel.

Baked icecream.

Jury is still out whose dessert was the best and most likely we will have hung jury on the subject. On the other hand everyone could agree on that König is a very decent restaurant for middle class clientele with great atmosphere and definitely worth additional visits later on. This visit was also reasonably non expensive as bottle of red wine, two entrecotes and two different ice cream portions were 65 euros. It is not cheap or free, but reasonably priced dining out – only 20 or so euros more expensive than dining out in hamburger restaurants like Memphis or Amarillo.

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