Töölö bay area during the last moments of summer

I’ve always loved Töölö bay area in Helsinki. No matter whether it is summer, spring, autumn or winter – you get to see something beautiful there and enjoy outdoors almost right in the heart of the city. While I used to live in Töölö was Töölö bay area my favourite places to run and just slack around during the summer – take a blanket and something to read and just chill out.

Now as the summer is over, Töölö bay shows spectacular colours in sunsets and as tree leaves start to turn from green to brown. Few weeks ago we had a romantic walk around the area and stopped by at Sinisen huvilan kahvila, amazingly beautiful open air scenery cafeteria with great view to the Töölö bay. Definitely a place to see, if you haven’t seen it yet.

Also in the news: we’re running again around Töölö bay, as it is just 1,5 kilometers away from the place we are staying in Kallio.

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