Sunday at Valtteri flea market

A thing to do during weekends is to visit local flea market and get a hint of the atmosphere. Though we did not buy anything else than a pair of baby Crocs ( as a gift to somebody, not to be kept by ourselves ) it was definitely boatloads of fun to visit Valtteri flea market in Vallila. Even though weather was cold – or perhaps because of it – the market was once again packed with people selling almost anything imaginable.

With little effort one can make real good bargains and finds, but most of the stuff was good enough to be labeled as crap or expensive waste. If you have small children then flea market can be a treasure chest to find cheap clothes, but for many adults who take care on how they look and what they wear good finds are harder to come by – or you need to be there right next to the opening hour.

What surprised me most was the fact that old junk was sold with such high prices. Though I do understand someone paying for really cool retro household items a premium, there seemed to be lots of sellers who had big piles of crap ( VHS-videos, C-cassettes etc. – almost antique electronics ) priced with insane amounts. Insane in this case being more than 10 cents. Some companies were also selling second hand furniture, but I had to wonder who would purchase dead ugly sofas in 1980’s style with pricetags next to 200 euros. Or who will buy little bit beaten up cupboards for 25 euros, when Ikea and other retailers can sell new ones for similar or lower prices. I do get the idea when you find furniture with great quality and value based on great used materials and craftmanship that you don’t get with Ikea and others, but the ones I saw did not impress me at all.

All and all Valtteri is great place to visit on weekends. If you are twenty- to thirtysomething hipster you can really spice up your wardrobe there, or find bargain clothes for your little hipster.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    It’s an interesting phenomenon as a item shifts from a closeout, to junk, and then into either vintage or collectible. This process is really social … and has little to do with the item itself.


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