Il Duetto – Italian cuisine in Kamppi

There has been couple of ok reviews of Il Duetto in magazines and there is nothing to complain about the food. While we visited Il Duetto, calzones that we ate were really good, house wine tasted good and overall dining experience was ok. However then comes the downside that the restaurant is in Kamppi shopping center in Sähkötalo, which means that it is rather hard to find. Also the restaurant area itself is quite minimalistic and has the feeling of lunch restaurant.

… which is a shame as the food was good.

So would not recommend as a place to bring your date or spend quality time, but if one likes to get good pizza or otehr italian foods then Il Duetto could be a good choice for you. I’ll definitely return to the restaurant if Cityshopper-card has a decent promotion with them next year. For normal prices I’ll much rather go eat pizza at Virgin Oil – or take them home from Kallio’s local pizzerias. 😀

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