Eat helsinki – Syö helsinki

Few weeks ago City-magazine organized great happening in Eat helsinki in which participating restaurants created dishes to be served for 10 euros each. Some places lowered their regular prices to meet the 10 euro mark and others created new dishes to be able to serve food profitably at that price. Though there were many good offers available, we only had time and energy to use only two of those.

Morrison’s burgers were already familiar to us, but for 10 euros we had to go there again. And as Satu was once again spending time in Tampere, I went couple times more on my own. Apparently many others went too, as more than 2300 hamburgers were sold during that time.

In Grande Grill offer was for Grande meatballs with mashed potatoes. Simple dish that served it’s purpose, especially with creamy bacon sauce that tasted same as the sauce used in Steak el Grande.

For what it is worth, I applaud people in City-magazine and participating restaurants for doing something like this as it makes the restaurant culture more lively and get people to dine out more. Lately we’ve been quite frequent diners in restaurants as our cooking opportunities have been much more limited compared to the normal – and also because we have been so much closer to all the places. I don’t mind eating out more, as long as the price is right and I feel I get at least some value in taste, service or ingredients. Campaigns like these turn the economics around and make 10 euro dish sound like a good choice. For 10 euros I am quite happy to eat food that I could easily do also on my own just for the sake of convenience and overall dining experience. For 15 euros for the same dish I might be temped to pass and save the money for a really good evening in really good restaurant.

When we get back to home after all the renovations are done with plumbing, we do need to get back to the normal schedule of making more good food at home and saving money for those once a month eating out events, where investment is done on quality – not on quantity. 200 euros spent in Mecca is money well spent, but for poor it-worker like me eating out like that is a luxury. So unless there is a campaign like Eat helsinki, or promotions like in Cityshopper-card, eating out in Helsinki is better saved for those occasions when you can make the effort and spend little more. With good promotions eating out can be if not everyday but at least weekly luxury and convenience.

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