Autumn … bloody cold autumn..

For the last few days it has been so cold that I’ve actually thought again leaving Helsinki for good, changing it to some place with warmer climate and more urban entertainment. Weather has been so chilly that it has felt like being again in New York, even though here you can’t get as good bagels for a dollar or two as in New York.

I’ve really felt like jumping into airplane and finding some place warm and much more humane conditions. Something like Costa del Sol.

I mean… It is one of those places where spending time on beach and drinking strawberry margaritas or mojitos is actually really good idea. And it is still in Europe, within reach to Madrid and Barcelona, when one wants to get back to metropolitan areas.

Wonder what kind of startup I could start, run or work for in that area.

And what could the dresscode at the office be?

Well one can dream at least.

By the way. Last summer, when we visited Torremolinos in Costa del Sol, we lived in a really nice apartment hotel, where previous occupants had left some finnish magazines for others to read. On most of the magazines delivery address was removed, but on one Cosmopolitan-magazine it was intact. Naturally we decided it would be good to send them a postcard and write a story how the cosmo likes it so much better than Tampere and thanks for letting her stay there.

So if you happened to get a strange Costa del Sol postcard in post last summer, now you know why.

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