Fat lip and other interesting medical phenomenas ( Also note about how great Kevin Smith is )

For about a week I’ve been mostly spending time in bed as I have had an annoying virus based flue that took most of my strength away, but did not bring normal symptoms of high fever etc. – only really sore throat, headache and general fatigue. So I have been sick, but not so sick that I would have been willing to just lie down – and still too sick to do anything meaningful. Really frustrating combination as I have had lot’s of thing to do at work and otherwise too.

So this week has been quite interesting, having slept most of the time and trying to get better – and reading and watching interesting stuff that does not require too much concentration. Kevin Smith’s productions it is. I’ve been fan of Kevin Smith’s work for a long time, but until now I haven’t really been a fan of Kevin Smith. That thing however changed when I had the opportunity to read Smith’s story about his friend’s drug problems ( http://silentbobspeaks.com/?p=235 ) and listened to him tell his stories on Theevening with Kevin Smith and on his other live recordings. Besides the fact that the man is sort of low brown comic genius he also has huge heart and humble attitude towards his work and his work’s fans.

Now that my flue is otherwise over I am finally back to work ( on weekend – yay! ) and stumble upon new funny medical phenomena. Don’t really know what caused it, but for some reason my lower lip has swollen to double or triple size. Feels strange and looks even funnier, something like Buddy Love’s face when he starts his transformation back to Dr. Klump in Eddie Murphy’s The Nutty Professor. Did get some allergy medication from the doctor’s office, and swelling should go down in a day or two. If not, I might go into movie business or start making hip hop music.

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