Why my smartphone is not such a smart phone?

Lately I’ve really tried to get back to the mobile revolution bandwagon and enjoy about the opportunities that I have with my N95 8 Gb Smartphone. After all it is a true pocket computer with multitasking OS, GPS and what not – and these days I can write my own software with Python or Java to the phone. I’ve become really excited about all the possibilities!

However today was another big meh with Nokia software for me, as I tried to find interesting software for my phone. Just out of curiosity I decided to check what is new in Ovi Store and in Nokia Download!-application. I don’t quite get what is the idea with Download!-application these days if Nokia Ovi should be the place for everyone to get their fix on cool S60-software. If Nokia totally axed working Widsets service, why did it keep Download! alive?

Nevertheless I was happy to browse through Download!-list of applications, especially it seemed that there were widgets that I missed ( for example YTV-routeplanner ) and Facebook application, and finally Ovi Store application. Funny thing naturally was that none of those were to be found from Ovi Store.

However joy was very short lived as I started to test applications. YTV RoutePlanner did not work as it used to, there was login required to WidSets which naturally does not work anymore and anonymous usage had a broken captcha. Facebook-application just launched the webbrowser to Facebook. Ovi Store worked and seemed to be quite ok, though I did not find anything remotely interesting.

So even though I consider myself a hardcore user and really interested to try new things, there are only few pieces of software that I really use on my smartphone:

Camera + Shozu

Yeah, I like to take images and upload them. These days it seems that also Ovi works, but I am a long time Flickr user and not about to switch services. I had strange errors with Flickr-upload previously and was really frustrated untill uploads started to work with Shozu instead of Nokia’s standard upload features on Online share. As I just tested features again, they worked without any problems again.

Sports Tracker + Maps

By far the best applications from Nokia. Both are quite easy to use and have great utility. One gripe I have though, it is insane that Maps and Sports Tracker do not use same maps data. If you download maps with Maps loader, you will be suprised to see that when you start Sports Tracker that it needs to use data connection to download maps as you go.

Opera Mini

Better browser than the internal one. But then again browsing on small screen is quite pain in the ass.

Therefore most of the time I use my phone just as a 3G modem for my computer.

Instant messaging

I am still testing which instant messenger would work best for my needs, and would like to get a decent Twitter application too, but feel hesitant to pay ten euros for something that I don’t use all the time. I’m now starting to test Nimbuzz, which should give me MSN and Google talk to the phone – will blog about my experiences. Quick test showed that it worked. Another question is what is it like to use it on daily basis.


I like the hardware of my Nokia N95 8Gb and all the possibilities it has. But in reality my smartphone is not that smart thanks to the software. I do envy little iPhone users who can do loads of more with their phone, and do it at ease.

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