Nokia 3g Booklet

Nokia made a big splash by releasing information and really slick marketing video about coming product. Throughout the internets people noticed the news and twittered about it onwards. However there was critical information missing – including pricing – to actually make something about the announcement.

After reading some commentary( among others ) I laughed out loud for a very poignant comment left to Gizmondo’s article ” Welcome to 2007, Nokia.” from user Samifumi.

Specifications seem interesting and promising, most interestingly 12 h battery life and sturdy looking design – but they come with a big question. Does premium design come with premium price? Patching up rumors to rumours it seems that the netbook could be priced around €399 or something else, naturally depending on subsidies given from mobile operators who might bundle booklet with unlimited dataplans. Operators like Saunalahti and Elisa in Finland are already doing that with existing netbooks – pricing dataplan and netbook bundle around 30-40 euros per month. Could Nokia’s Booklet bring something new to the equation for endusers and to the company’s bottomline.

Nokia’s stellar supply chain management and existing sales channels with operators, possibility to bundle handsets and netbooks to operator is interesting from the business perspective, and if priced right machine could get pull from the market. But there are numerous questions about the future. While discussing with Mikael about the Booklet, he immediately commented about the prospects of hardware being outdated quickly – especially as competitors in computer business have had really quick turnarounds in their lineups.

I love my 13″ MacBook, which is my main computer that I carry with me everywhere I go. If price is right, I might be tempted to try the Booklet. Even more if would work perfectly also with Linux.

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