Interesting things Nokia does

Even though I’ve lately just posted about my personal disappointments with Nokia products or software, I still don’t discount Nokia in any ways as a lost cause or company. They have and have had really interesting things bubbling under and future could be very interesting if they don’t drop the ball.

Open innovations and communities

Nokia has succeeded in creating vibrant and large communities with developers who learn, program and share their products with others. If you start to develop applications on Nokia platforms there is plenty of information, examples and other users from whom to ask tips and guidance. Nokia betalabs is another great example of community through which Nokia tests their beta software and services with the public.

However these efforts have not yet produced comparable successes to iTunes Appstore’s hits.

But seeds have been sown.

Python for S60

Python as a rapid prototyping and development language on your mobile? You must be nuts! And you were untill people made it happen and now Python seems like a really nice language to write small applications. Though Nokia is still working on how to distribute Python runtime in the future to phones Python is already an interesting tool, especially as Python is already getting interesting traction and ready made examples make your start much faster than ever before.

I’m not at all interested in writing applications in C for S60. Python apis make life much more fun.

QT for S60 and Python bindings for QT

Trolltech’s QT has been bubbling under for some time and ever since the first news about porting QT to S60 came, people have been waiting for to see it in action. Demos and previews have been promising – even though I haven’t had the interest to write C-code myself. I’ve been waiting for the package to become complete – Python bindings for QT to come available also on S60.

What is interesting with QT? Learn one library / environment and you can do development on Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile devices. Common base for all the desktop applications and easy to use QT widgets also on mobile. When they get the whole package together, it should be good.


Linux based operating system for PDAs and phones. N900 will be interesting next release to test where Maemo software and devices might be going. Could Maemo be a serious challenger for Android and replace Symbian? You never know. However it seems that there are some very smart people working in Maemo division and atleast opensource community follows with interest releases and information that comes from Maemo division. Latest example is PySlide – opensource python bindings for QT.

So Nokia has great things bubbling under. It will be interesting to see what they make out of them.

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