Random notes about trip to Zurich, part 2 – Fashion, it’s good to look so cool

Even though you might be just fat, heterosexual engineer – you can still have a fashion sense comparable to gay male in Queer eye for the straight guy. And if you want to renew your garderobe, there is a possibility that Zurich is a good place for that. Around the old town you will find all the well known luxury brands and brand stores, including also international low cost alternatives and local chains that offer clothes and fashion accessories to different audiences. Our visit to Zurich was scheduled well as most of the department stores, brand stores and boutiques were having huge sales – selling merchandise with up to 70% off from normal retail prices. With a little legwork you could therefore make real good finds and purchase quality fashion clothing for the price of department store collections.

One interesting thing in retail landscape was to notice that almost all the pricepoints were catered. On the main shoppingstreet – Bahnhofstrasse – you could find all the luxury brands as well as Hennes & Mauritz and other low cost alternatives. One interesting retail chain we saw was Tally Weijl, which seemed to be targeted to young women and girls.

All and all clothes seemed to be produced quite well, were funny and quite cheap ( produced in child labour countries or something similar ). Store design also worked well, dance songs playing all the time and lot’s of customers making constantly small purchases.

As an old fart it was fun to see different product lines and their slogans that boldly made mashups of many ideas, including reviving grunge and punk attitude for teenagers.

If nothing else Tally Wejl gives a good competition to H&M, which in comparison seemed quite dull and boring. Wonder why they haven’t yet landed into scandinavia and Finland.

American Apparel also had a large store in Zurich. Very spacious and trendy store was fun place to visit, though we didn’t make any purchases.

As always, Americal Apparel clothes were simple, well made and very much of retro style – same time being modern and classic. Even though AA-clothes are made in Los Angeles, prices were not that much more expensive than in other stores that produce their clothes in who knows where. Definitely for metropolitan hipsters.

For those who were or wanted to be hip in 1980’s, Zurich had atleast two Benetton stores – just few hundred meters away from each other. We wondered what on earth was the idea in that, untill we realized that the other store was dedicated for baby- and children clothes… Two storey store in very prime location in the old town, only for children clothes.

Benetton’s store was among the ones giving best discounts, all the way to 70% off. I made great purchases – two pairs of really cool Benetton jeans, for less than 70 euros together. Normally I have had terribly hard time in finding good pair of jeans – rather two – so I had a good reason to celebrate.

Another interesting new retail chain for us was We-fashion, which catered just for men – similarly like Jack & Jones, but with a little bit more upscale style. Found nice shirts, ties and white blazer – all 50% to 70% off normal prices.

We also witnessed opening of new Jack & Jones-store in the old town. They didn’t have any other interesting sales, except the ones to celebrate the opening of the store – printed t-shirts for 6 euros and similar.

As it was rather hot weather in Zurich I was more than happy to buy few of those as I hadn’t packed enough t-shirts for such hot weather.

Box New Generation was interesting fashion and accessories shop that – as the name says – had boxes also as their retail stands.

was an interesting store that promoted sustainability and ecological consumerism. If you were buying fashion you had atleast the opportunity to think that you were doing also something good, promoting fair trade and organic materials.

Even though large stores and chains were offering best price reductions, most interesting things were offered in small boutiques and shops around the city center.

Only if we would have had more time and money to shop around…

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