Sunny Zurich and cheap champagne

It always feels nice to go on a trip. There is something magical on the feeling you have before a journey, and even though you try to plan and prepare yourself – be rational – every step you take towards the airport fills you up with the joy of traveling.

However at the airport you fall back to the normal routine of seasoned traveler. One thing that got my eye immediately at the airport was that people were in queques to normal checkin counters, even though modern self check-in machines were there ready to serve five passangers at a time. Doing your own check-in and dropping luggage to the drop off point we were ready in just a few minutes, without almost any queque.

Flight was normal Finnair-flight with not so good breakfast ( crepes with spinach ) served with a side order of turbulence over Germany. As we forgot to bring enough water with us to the plane, we had to drink sparkling wine for the rest of the flight. Finnair luckily serves piccolo bottles of Bernard Massaud at affordable 5 euros per bottle, which is the same cost that they would take for a small can of Coca Cola.

( And yes I’m reading Choke – and loving it )

Before the trip I wrote to Facebook that we’re on our way to sunny Zurich. However as the weather announcements and the pilot told us, weather in Zurich would be rainy throughout whole wednesday. As we arrived before 10 o’clock that seemed to be he case. However as we took train to the main railway station, found our way to the hotel and had lunch started sun to shine, and rest of the day was hot and sunny.

We walked around the city, went through the Bahnhofstrasse’s expensive luxury stores and admired the great screnery at lake Zurich. On thursday we plan to take a cruise around the lake and the river to see the city from another perspective.

One thing that felt really different compared to Helsinki was the amount of swans. It seemed that there were hundreds of them swimming by the lake, waiting for people to feed them.

For traveler in Zurich Zurich card seems to be valuable deal. For thirty or so Swiss frangs you get free pass to public transportation, cruise on the lake and admissions to numerous museums.

Our hotel is nicely located at the center of the old town, which means good for our walks around the city. The downside is that the place is rubbish, and more like a hostell than a real hotel. Unless you are willing to live in such environment, then cough up twenty to thirty euros more for a real hotel.

I stayed at Zic Zac Rock Hotel few years ago and remembered it to be cleaner and better place, but then again I traveled then alone, was younger and did not need so much pleasentries in life. Luckily for the rest of the trip we have different hotels – and should have a very good designer hotel also when we get back to Zurich on sunday.

As the Zic Zac is located nicely right in the center, we have great opportunities to also go to nice restaurants here. We had lunch in nice italian restaurant called Cantina. Menu with salad and pasta was 19 CHF.

For dinner we went to a ristorante little further away, and ate two very nice pizzas with thin bottom, nice ham and pineapple on top of it.

Nothing to complain, except the price. 57 CHF for two pizzas and diet cokes.

We also looked at all the great looking in- and outdoor bars in the city center, but decided wait for tomorrow or monday before sampling then.

And finally. Cheap champagne, served at room temperature in cheap hotel room!

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