Traveling with the speed of light

Summer vacation is almost over, but there are still few trips to be made.

First trip is to Switzerland, where we are scheduled to have sampling of urban lifestyle in Zurich and luxurious countryside festival with friends in Almens, small village of approx. 200 inhabitants. Last time I visited Zurich I totally digged the city, though for a finn prices feel quite high. This time I’m also packing my sneakers and going to run some good kilometers by the lake Zurich. Great ideas on what to see and visit in Zurich are taken into consideration with great appreciation.

Second trip will be a train-car roadtrip to Lapland and back. We are celebrating my father’s 80 years birthday by taking a trip with my brother and sister’s husband – spending time in great outdoors and enjoying time and nature togerther. First step is to take car-train to Rovaniemi, then drive to lake Inari and spend few days there. From Inari we will start our descent back to Helsinki, having stops in Sodankylä’s Sattas-pirtti, in Kuusamo and propably also in Pielavesi. Alltogether the trip should take about 9 days.

Naturally I will have my camera with me on both journeys, so great photos are to be seen later on.

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