Back in design district – Ramblings from a normal monday in Helsinki

It seems that we were destined to return to the design district soon. First of all I had to get my ’Dead Kekkonen’-tshirt and it seemed that my better half had left ( on purpose I assume ) her purchases to Sopiva Shop. So this monday we wandered back to the Eerikinkatu and were greeted again by the friendly designer who worked over the counter. As we chit-catted this and that, I noticed that besides pins – there were also designer keyrings which also served as bottle openers!

Fell in love with this magic castle theme! It works well together with my magic mushrooms pin.

And to make sure that everyone knows what kind of totally cool hipsters we are, next visit we made was to Helsinki 10 concept store – which is easily the mecca of hipsters in Helsinki. Expensive but cool looking junk from all corners of the world, including the essential Bulgaria magazine’s guidebook to Helsinki.

Noteworthy was Kaksitva’s own small concept store inside Helsinki 10’s concept store. Happening that lasts only ’till half way of july.

After Helsinki10 we finally got to Liike, and I managed to find right size Dead Kekkonen-shirt for me.

At the same time I managed to buy another cool shirt from Dusty, though I also lusted after a men’s sweatshirt – though the price of 155 euros kept me far away from making such purchase.

After making these sweet purchases we were ready to retire and enjoy some refreshments, which we found from Amarillo’s terrace.

Eventhough Amarillo has it’s own reputation, there was a happy hour promotion that we could not resist – especially when it was combined with terrace and great sunshine on otherwise cold day.

And as the day turned into evening we continued to spend time in Amarillo and witness some of the most peculiar events we have ever seen. I am not sure, but I believe that we witnessed an old japanese couple urinate in public, to the lawn of Ateneum art museum. I know, it sounds insane – and we could not belive it either, but we did not could not think of any other viable reason for this couples movements and behaviour on the lawn of the museum.

And speaking of things I thought of not seeing in any time soon, a deli that is open 24 hours a day in the center of Helsinki.

Helsinki. World’s smallest metropolitan!

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