Tractors, nostalgia and beer – restaurant Zetor

For late lunch on monday we decided to head down to restaurant Zetor, which is conveniently located in the heart of Helsinki. Most important reason for us was once again city shoppari, which incuded very pleasant promotion: two country salads + drinks from Laitila ( beer or lemon soda ) for two, only 14,90. Even though I have had my doubts of Zetor, we decided to give it a try.

In no means Zetor is or tries to be a fine dining venue, but rather has it’s own niche in countryside nostalgia of 1950’s and 1960’s. Even the menu is printed as a Zetor newspaper, filled with little gems of humor that unfortunately does not open without at least rudimentary understanding of finnish politics and pop culture.

The place is decorated with country style, including a table that is built around old tractor, tables surrounded by wire mesh like in a chicken coop. Though I had a very low expectations about the place, suddenly Zetor won me over and I decided to really like the place.

Most important reason was the food.

Country salad was nothing fancy, but worked well. Chicken, salad, tomatoes and what not – and bacon as a condiment. What is there to complain?

Besides the food, drinks were also really good. Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas is a small brewery in Laitila, producing beer, ciders and also non alcoholic refreshments that all have very nostalgic simple tastes and very nostalgic visual appearance. Even though I have been a fan of Kukko beer, I had not tasted their Lemon soda before – and fell in love instantly. Great drink.

Zetor is like a one long joke that does not seem to end, and that also explains why it has managed to survive in such a central location for such a long time. It is very well working theme restaurant with simple ideas and food for people to enjoy. Whereever you look, you are reminded about the theme in a positive way.

Last thing that made me smile was the mens room:

Hadn’t seen old nudie magazines like these in ages.

So even though I had such a low expecations, I was proved wrong and decided to like Zetor. Food was good, place was ok, drinks were good and thanks to Cityshoppari it was a bargain. Will go there again, that is for sure.

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