Restaurant Piha – Eerikinkatu, Helsinki

Location for saturday lunch was Ravintola Piha.

Even though all the dishes looked promising, we decided to choose smoked salmon-greapfruit salads that were served with yoghurt sauce with curry and honey. Waiter suggested semi dry white wine as a drink, which actually proved to be an excelled suggestion.

Compared to many other restaurants that serve salmon salads, Piha was the first one that actually surprised me with the amount of fish they put on each plate. From the start it was clear that this is salad that will not leave me hungry.

Salmon was very well made, lightly smoked and yoghurt sauce was nice and sweet addition to the taste mixture. As the restaurant is located nicely in quiet Eerikinkatu, it was fun to look at people strolling on the quiet street – even though we were just few hundred meters from busiest streets in the center of Helsinki.

This was my second visit at Restaurant Piha – and I have to say that it definitely was not my last one.

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