Flamingo Spa & Wellness

Earlier this month we visited – for the first time – new shopping and entertainment center at Vantaa called Flamingo. Flamingo aspires to be Las Vegas of Finland, but comes a little short. Or to be honest, a lot short – but that does not mean Flamingo can’t be a success and entertaining place to visit.

Our reason for the visit was Flamingo Spa & Wellness center, which boasted to offer great waterpark and soothing environment for adults who wanted to relax and spend some quality time in a day spa. As we are older than 7 years old and do not find waterslides and ability to jump into the pool from a ledge entertaining, we decided to spend the whole time in Spa & Wellness section, which is forbidden area for anyone under 20 years old.

Entrance to the Flamingo Spa. Kitsch!

Even though entrance to the Spa is pure kitsch I have to say that the service was very friendly and efficient, and we immediately felt very welcome to the place. At the cashier we exchanged credit card to wristbands that gave us access to area, worked as keys to lockers in locker room and worked as substitute for credit card inside the spa, if we wanted to purchase something from the bar or get access to any special treatments or massage.

Waterpark section of the facility was similar to any other waterpark with lot’s of kids running around and access to the Wellness-section was more than needed to soothe our nerves. As we entered the dimly lit wellness area through a sliding door that also blocked any sounds from the waterpark, we sighed as it felt so much comfortable. Adults were walking around in their bathing suits or in comfy bathrobes, decent looking bar was open and people were generally saying enjoying their time there. We browsed through the facility and tested different pools: 36 degrees warm warm water pool, 32 degrees warm mineral water pool that also had jacuzzi features in the other end and music playing under water in the other end. We tested different kinds of saunas and enjoyed steam baths with different kinds of aromas and scents.

After three hours of pampering we were so relaxed that it was time to leave with a smile on our faces. Definitely a nice experience, though I usually don’t like waterparks so much. Flamingo Spa & Wellness section was definitely targeted to adults and tourists who are willing to spend for their pampering, since most of the treatments offered there were significantly more expensive than anything that I would think a normal middle class person would be purchasing with their own money. Unless you get a well priced package deal, get a corruption gift from business associate, are wealthy enough, want to think you are wealthy enough or are a above middle class russian tourist, then most likely many treatments offered at Flamingo Spa & Wellness are above your pricepoints.

However even without any special treatments the Spa & Wellness section is a worthwhile place to visit, though the normal admission fee ( 32 e ) for it is quite high for three hour access. Best value for money you get if you spot a promotion or get a decently priced package that might also include accommodation at Flamingo hotel. We payed only 12 euros per person for our access, thanks to a sweet promotion deal.


What about other offerings at Flamingo?

We did not have time to test anything else than the Spa and restaurant section – for which we have nothing to complain. We went to Parilla steakhouse that offered reasonably priced meals and have a decent menu with meat to eat. Portions were sufficiently large and well made, wine was good and we enjoyed our time. One thing that caught my eye was that on the menu they had beef sirloin steaks all the way to 500 grams.

Naturally for this trip I had to switch off all and any ecological thinking, though it popped into my mind while I was floating in the 36 degrees warm water: ”I wonder how much energy this facility actually uses”

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    Hah! The ”Las Vegas of Finland”. These doesn’t seem to be the kind of place that I’ll visit.


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