Aurinkolahti – Miami beach of Helsinki

Aurinkolahti has been an ambitious project here in Helsinki. Aurinkolahti was built almost middle of nowhere in eastern suburbs in Vuosaari and it seems to have created whole new life and atmosphere to the area. First of all houses in Aurinkolahti are not cheap in any means. For an apartment with a view to the sea you are requested to cough up somewhere near 300 thousand euros for less than 60 square meter apartment. City’s goals was to balance eastern suburbs social structure by creating a housing area for people in higher middle class, and it seems to have worked.

Atleast during the summer time Aurinkolahti is extremely nice place to visit. 700 meters of swimming beach, small boat marina and no sight of social problems that people have associated with Vuosaari – and still associate with other parts of Vuosaari. But it is still just a place in Vuosaari.

It seems that older I become and more I have travelled, less and less I’m inclined to invest in housing in Finland, atleast with the prices that are thought to be normal these times. Helsinki is great place to live, but to have to pay 3000 or 4000 euros per square meter is insanity, especially if you have not accumulated wealth that you want to invest for long term profit in apartments but have to use loans. This is not London, this is not Berlin or New York – this is Helsinki.

But all and all Aurinkolahti seems like a very nice neighborhood if you can afford it and are willing to take financial risks associated with it. Beach, marina and nature near by are definitely something to be proud of – though you can really enjoy the sea only for only few months in a year.

We live quite close to the area – and can luckily travel there easily with metro or bicycle.

If you happen to come to Helsinki and want to see something you would not expect to see, then Aurinkolahti – during a sunny day – is definitely worthwhile place to see.

Though the seaside is mostlt reserved for houses, there are few restaurants and cafes – where you can enjoy a drinks, food and good company.

One place to recommend is Ravintola Loiste, which offers to holders of Cityshopperi-card 2 chicken korma dishes and bottle of wine for 35 euros – which is not the sweetest deal in the city or huge bargain, but as they say: every penny saved, is penny earned. And the food was good.

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  1. daviding sanoo:

    First you suggested the Las Vegas of Finland, and now Miami Beach!

    It looks nice in a photograph, but, being Finland, I wonder what the temperature is. There’s people on the beach, but I can’t see if any are in the water.


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