King for a day – Faith No More in Helsinki

It was about time. Faith No More reunited and came to Helsinki, to play in Kaisaniemi park just before the annual Tuska-festival.

Compared to grab the cash and run tours that old starts might be tempted to do there was no sign what so ever about that, when Faith No More walked on to the stage. Crowd cheered as they sang Herb & Peaches cover Reunited as the first song before actually launching into their own more agressive material. Patton totally dominated the stage and took over 10 000 spectators to his palm. His vocals were as impressive as ever and his presence on the stage admirable, even 130% heterosexual males were seen to gawk in total admiration. This is entertainment.

What struck me most during the gig was the great mood that everyone was, including the band. Cheerful 30 to 40 somethings had gathered to listen their youthful years’ heroes and they were there to take us back and more. Funniest moment of the gig was spanish version of Evidence, Mike Patton channeling energy and feel of Enrigue Iglesias. Amazing.

Concert was a great success, except on three accounts.

One. It was next to impossible to get beer within the concert area, as the line to drinking area was more than hundred meters when we arrived and no one was in a hurry to leave the area.

Two. Warm up bands sucked. Waltari and CMX looked.. well.. they looked like something. Especially CMX looked and sounded like something out of it’s place. I’ve liked CMX at Tavastia, but on a sunny stage it did not work at all.

Three. Food at the place was rubbish. To top it off it really did not work well with my stomach.

But overall it was great to see Faith No More in Helsinki and Patton doing a great show.

What a vocalist.

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